From the Pages of 'Fire in the Rain'


They reached the car. One of the men announced, 'So let's decide who gets dropped home first.'

'Ladies first,' announced the other man with all the chivalry that was bubbling in him now.

'No. Rehaan, you are the closest. You get dropped first.' That was one of the girls, who seemed to have got gallant, propped up by her spiked drinks.

'Hey, I am close to Rehaan,' said the other girl, who didn't want to be outdone.

'Let's do one thing. You drop her first, and I drop her next.' One of them suggested.

None of them realized that it was not they but 100 Pipers in them that was doing the talking. They continued to blabber nonsense as they tried their best to talk sense.

'No. We drop you first, and then, you drop us next.'

'All right. You drop them first and I drop them last.'

Varun fumbled in all his pockets and managed to find the key, but Riya snatched it and wobbled to open the car door.

'I'll drive,' she said, but she was trying the door on the passenger side.

'I'll drive,' Rehaan caught up with her.

The key fell down on the ground. While Rehaan groped around to pick it up, the scarf fell off his shoulders on the ground. Riya picked the scarf up instead of the key and leaned on the vehicle. Varun picked up the key. 'Yep, I'll drive,' he said.

'No, I'll drive.'

'Yes, I'll drive.' They went around the vehicle a few times. The Honda CR-V was spacious enough for all of them; even so they got into the vehicle with difficulty.

It had been a ball to remember. They had had a time of their lives. But Rehaan had never imagined that one of them would end up in garbage bin the next day.